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Open source is growing fast 💨. Many companies, be it enterprises or startups, are open sourcing their software and inclined to adopt open-source applications.

Why you might ask, is open source gaining momentum? Open source can ring in greater quality, reliability, trustworthiness, and flexibility. If the code is open-sourced, it can help drive adoption, gain higher return-of-investment, and enhance the product's value.

This has indeed led to the birth of a multitude of tools.

How do we make ourselves a part of such a vast space in the presence of the following hurdles:

  • We do not have a sophisticated platform to hop into and search for an open-source tool that can fit our needs. A simple Google search doesn't accurately present us with a list of tools. We'd have to spend a lot of time figuring out what's best for us, often losing ourselves in the labyrinth of junk.
  • There's no go-to news portal that we can follow to keep ourselves updated on the happening news in open source.
  • We do not have a platform that houses the popular and trending open-source tools.
  • There ain’t a way to network with our fellow open-source enthusiasts.

toolspace is attempting to accommodate solutions to all the problems mentioned above in one platform. Yes, one it is! Imagine having a single platform to explore and showcase open-source tools, network with the open-source folks, hear the latest news about open source, and get to know the hottest open-source tools; this can help you build products faster, gain the much-wanted recognition, and learn from the open-source leaders.

toolspace aims to create an impact in five areas: open-source tools library, news, spaces, community, and yes, newsletter! We firmly believe there's no better way to grow in the open-source world than with toolspace. 📈

How toolspace works?

Despite having a plethora of features, we strived to make toolspace a user's open-source pal.


A tool is currently associated with the following parameters:

  • Category
  • GitHub stats
  • Self-host options
  • Topics
  • Social links

Every tool can be maintained by a moderator. A moderator is the one who is responsible for keeping the tool's data updated. You can apply to be a moderator by signing up on toolspace. Once the moderator's application is approved, we will add a "verified" badge to the tool ✅.

How do we "curate"?

No rocket science! We evaluate a tool based on its quality. Quality includes (not limited to) the documentation standard, code updates, regular bug fixes, and the number of ways the tool could benefit a user. If you'd like to feature a tool on toolspace, hit us up at


News 🗞 features discussions around open source, newly-released and trending tools, funding coverage, exciting features, guides, etc., just like Hacker News.

Anyone can post on toolspace's news; the only requirement is to sign up and verify the email. We constantly monitor the news to remove spam, if any.


Spaces is all about trending open-source tools segregated into categories. Every space depicts detailed GitHub stats about every tool, and weekly and monthly, star, open issue, contributor, and commit growth.

If you'd like us to add a tool that we may have missed, hit us up at


toolspace's primary goal is to build a vibrant community ✨. Come join us on Discord to interact, learn, and share anything about open source!

What's the future of toolspace?

We have added ~190+ tools to our collection—a lot more to join the group. We have plans to add a tiny job portal to uplift jobs in open source, do high-quality project reviews, introduce collaboration programs, and of course, more features and customizations!

Together, let's endorse open source, and build a strong and vibrant open-source community.


Vihar Kurama

Dev Rel, Appsmith

Venkatesh M

OSS Contributor

Aravind Pothula

OSS Contributor


OSS Contributor